The beauty of TRUTH recipes are the ease of use. 


     Finally, a product you can use everyday to build and activate your garden's true potential. TRUTH HonesTea is a super-concentrated soluble powder blend of beneficials, soluble kelp, humic acid, fulvic acid, and more. Big Medicine for your garden! Endo/Ecto mycorrhizal and beneficial bacteria activity stimulate explosive root growth while protecting against diseases. Our blend of Kelp, Humic, and Fulvic will ensure healthy growth throughout all stages. These combined ingredients will make you garden thrive!

Wait, DON'T FORGET TO FOLIAR?!?!  Use HonesTea at the same ratio as a foliar for aggressive growth and huge blooms...


HonesTea is Super Concentrated, use only 1ml / 5gallons of feed or foliar DAILY or

 5ml of HonesTea per 20gal of water

~Aerate or brew HonesTea with EVERY watering for 1-48 hours to activate you garden's potential.