TRUTH Soil Builder provides a consistent combination of the highest quality ingredients. Rather than buying multiple products, this product represents all you will need for successful harvests. TRUTH Soil Builder is designed to be used with TRUTH HonesTea, Grow, and Bloom products, but it also works well with other fertilizer lines. The beauty of TRUTH recipes are the ease of use.

~ Mix 1-5lbs (500-2,500ml) per 2.5 cubic feet (= 20 gals) of soil, or 10-50lbs per cubic yard

-At the highest ratio of Soil Builder per gallon of soil, your plants will have all the natural fertilizer they need. Only TRUTH HonesTea will be needed to activate your soil's potential.
-TRUTH Soil Builder is a broad spectrum fertilizer designed for complete plant health. Try adding earthworm castings and your favorite mushroom compost, with TRUTH Soil Builder, to your growing medium for explosive results!

TRUTH Soil Builder contains:  Alfalfa meal, feather meal, fish bone meal, kelp meal, cotton seed meal, neem cake, glacial rock dust, rock phosphate

TRUTH Soil Builder
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***TRUTH Soil Builder is a candidate for organic certification. To ensure the lowest price, TRUTH has chosen not to register this product.
TRUTH Soil Builder

TRUTH Soil Builder